Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lil Lovebird's First Picture Day

In honor of Nia's first picture day today I've decided to be brave and share my own kindergarten picture* . . .

I associate my early picture days with memories of having my hair meticulously braided the night before, getting fitted for Buster Brown shoes, being polished with Vaseline on my face and somehow ending up in Peter Pan collars and/or bows. 


As I got older and looked back on my school pictures I often asked my mom, "Why'd you let me look like that???" She lied replied that she thought I looked cute. 

When I look at Nia I see glimpses of my preschool self - her eager smile and knowing eyes with a hint of mischief. Lots of personality comes through and according to my mom I am getting payback. 

Here's to many more picture days!

What are your memories of picture day growing up? Was it something you loathed like I did?

*P.S. *There is a preschool picture too (that Mr. Lovebird clowns me about SO badly!), but if I can get a copy from my mom I'll come back and update this post!