Monday, October 21, 2013

Is Anger at Failed Technology Justified?

We had a good weekend, but I'm struggling folks! I've shared about my technology woes from time to time and my current issues are making blogging a reaallll challenge lately (my final Hi Virginia video still isn't up!). My current (outdated) technology setup is this . . .

This whole thing screams: "UPGRADE ME!"

Yep, pretty lame.

I'm using a nearly 2 year old refurbished laptop that has a wonky screen - a similar issue a different brand of laptop had prior to this one. As a result I've connected my laptop to my TV via HDMI so I can work as my laptop screen flickers time to time.

We actually took it to get it fixed and the repair was more than the value of the laptop and we then went laptop shopping for 2 hours with a super patient 3 year old but just didn't find anything we liked especially with the whole Windows 8 thing - NOT.A.FAN, (we're team PC and Mr. Lovebird's experience with Apple for work keeps us that way!). I use Windows 8 on my tablet which is filling in the gap at times for my laptop, and I'm nervous to upgrade to the new 8.1, but we'll see. There's so many intuitive things that are missing going from Windows 7 to 8 and from what I've read 8.1 isn't that much better.

Then with my Galaxy S3 (you can read my mini-review here) every time the software updates something happens to my battery and/or storage efficiency. I'm not as productive on it as I used to be, and I need to invest some time into getting it back to how it was. Ughhh!

Now Mr. Lovebird has no patience for my tirades against failed technology especially when my Google Maps goes down despite a full strength-4G signal, and I go berserk when I have to drive around NYC and call him at work for directions. He lectures me, "Google owes you nothing! Don't you know back in the day you'd have to use A MAP!"

This totally brings to mind comedian Louis C.K.'s take on this issue:

I guess he does have a point about patience waiting for your phone to load: "Give it a second - it's going to SPACE!"

Do you agree? Should we simply be honored to have access to technology in this "amazing age" we live in or is it wrong for us to expect it to just work?