Sunday, October 20, 2013

Support Little Pim on Kickstarter!

Disclosure: I received the Little Pim Spanish DVD set for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Afterschool learning with Little Pim

My Lil Lovebird has developed an interest in Spanish - not only do we frequently hear it spoken out and about, but she has friends who speak Spanish as well as an obsession with Dora (then Diego!) that started a few months ago. 

I have an upcoming review on Little Pim, the award-winning, language learning program for children (Nia's been asking to watch it nearly every day after school!), but I first wanted to give a preview by sharing a special Kickstarter campaign they have running:


I love the diversity that this campaign presents - the holiday season is a special time for many faiths and cultures, and I like the idea of a child-friendly e-book for kids to learn about traditions around the world.

With 10 days to go (the campaign ends on October 31), Little Pim is nearly halfway to their goal. You can find the campaign here.

Every little bit counts!

Has your child taken an interest in learning another language? Which language would you want your child to learn?