Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wimbled and Squirreled

I don't know where it came from, but our Lil Lovebird has a funny phrase "wimbled and squirreled" to describe when she's a bit discombobulated. It's one thing to be wimbled, but when she describes herself as both wimbled AND squirreled we know it's really intense! It's such a perfect silly phrase that we've taken to using it whenever we're a little out of sorts. 

I was feeling a bit wimbled and squirreled epsecially since coming back from Blogalicious5 - information overload I guess! I didn't run last week AT.ALL.(boooo!) but thankfully I'm back on track (literally and figuratively) this week, and it feels great.  

Plus the sun is shining!

We had a chill weekend and fun Columbus Day* at a local pumpkin painting party with Nia's little buddies she hasn't seen much since starting preschool. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Lovebird wasn't off work yesterday, and he'll be away again alllll next week on business. I feel like I miss him already, but I'm SO looking forward to leaving for Las Vegas next Saturday (see how we do Las Vegas here).

I'm just concerned I might end up a bit wimbled and squirreled again post-Vegas O_o

We'll see...

Do you have any funny little phrases in your household like wimbled and squirreled?  

*Speaking of Columbus Day did you see the Oatmeal's controversial cartoon history lesson about the holiday? YIKES!