Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Forgetting to Opt-Out

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Social media drama...sigh...

I was in a recent situation that was quite confusing and frustrating and reminders of it kept popping up all over my social media feeds.

I finally decided to do something about it: unsubscribe and unfollow*. 

Sounds so simple, but it was so freeing.

It's so easy to get sucked into a black hole of web-based idiocy and interpersonal conflicts. Once I removed those connections from my life I'm now seeking out how else to pare down, clean up and freshen my social media connections. The decision is also in line of the direction I ultimately want to take Harlem Lovebirds anyway, and I'm confident I'm headed down the right path.

I'm actually kind of mad at myself for not figuring this out earlier; I would complain to Mr. Lovebird about the drama and ultimately, just clicked myself free of the burden.

I believe in the power of social media and yes, while there is a lot of foolishness, I find that mostly it's a tremendous tool that can be harnessed as part of an effective business strategy annnnd for doing fun things of course like keeping up with distant family and friends.

I just gotta remember that that the opt-out option is always there!

*I'm also a fan of their cousins: mute and block!

Are you a master at unfollowing? Or do you often forget you have that option?

P.S. Just for fun here's a silly story on one woman's paranoia after her mail carrier friended then defriended her on Facebook.