Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Way to Wrap Presents

I originally had this post rumbling around my head due to birthday season this summer and now that we have just one more fall birthday to attend and the holidays are upon us I thought it's good timing to share . . .

I used to be the person who would run out and buy gift wrap/gift bag, tissue and card for I finally shook myself and said, "There must be a better way!"

Well back when I attended a concert at NYC blogger Natalie Holbrook's (aka Nat the Fat Rat/Hey Natalie Jean) apartment a couple years ago I was inspired by her doily wall to do the same for our annual holiday cookie exchange (which I'm SO excited is reinstated this year since we've moved into bigger digs!). I had leftover kraft paper (or "postal wrapping paper" as 3M calls it), and I thought it be an easy way to use it up by wrapping presents. 

That was fab but as Nia got older I took it one step further and let her get involved: I'd purchase $1 packs of stickers and let her decorate them for birthday parties and bulk birthday cards which she could decorate as well. She loved the interaction and helping to wrap presents. I would always be sure to wrap it first so she wouldn't have a meltdown asking for the toy inside (oh the joys of toddlerhood!) and she was perfectly thrilled just to place the stickers and hold her gift which she proudly handed over at the party. 

So simple, right? Plus it's super economical as the tube of craft paper runs anywhere from $1.50-$5 depending on the size and the stickers are inexpensive as well.

For more elegant (aka adult gift-giving worthy!) kraft paper gift wrapping inspiration check out this post via This is Glamorous.

Do you have a go-to wrapping method in your household?