Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm Heading to Salt Lake City!

2014 is going to be a big year, and I'm kicking it off in an exciting way because I won a ticket to Alt Design Summit's Alt SLC - the premiere creative blogging conference! It came about via a Twitter party yesterday afternoon, and I had to wait until the evening for the results. 

When I saw this tweet:

I was all like:

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This is my little blogger heart's dream come true! I've mentioned Alt from time to time and even this spring while on my cruise I waited patiently (and unsuccessfully) at an overpriced onboard computer station to purchase a coveted ticket to Alt NYC, but the site crashed immediately when the tickets went on sale. I was so sad because I dearly wanted to get a taste of Alt especially since it was affordably right in my own back yard. A ticket to the main event - Alt SLC - is sold out and a grand investment that hadn't quite been in my budget.

Don't know what Alt is? Alt attendee Koseli Cummings sums it up perfectly:

This is a group of people who travel from all over the world because they want to innovate and challenge "online journaling" into a medium of valuable curated imagery and inspiration, innovative marketing and sales strategy, unique business partnerships, and powerful community. This is a group ripe with ideas, working knowledge, and extreme passion. These are people who can't sit still, most likely have their hands in way too many pots, have too many ideas and too little time—people like you. 

Need to see pictures? 

Here's a glimpse of Alt SLC '13 (all images via Alt Summit photographer Justin Hackworth) . . .

What I'm most excited about? 
  • A Different Crowd - vs. other conferences I've gone to what most appeals to me about Alt is that it's for super creative types, and I'm excited to connect with a varied group of bloggers than I've associated with previously especially as I have exciting plans for my blog and personal brand in '14 
  • It's the 5th Anniversary - similar to Blogalicious' 5th anniversary this year I know Alt is going to go all out for the big anniversary; many blogging conferences come and go but Alt is here to stay, and I'm excited to join at last during such an important milestone year
  • Location - it's in Salt Lake City, where I've never been, but my mom's gone and raves about it especially the topography - I'm excited to trade in views of skyscrapers for views of open sky and mountains (and super crisp air as my mom reports!)
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  • Accommodations - the hotel is immaculate and has outstanding reviews; it appears to be sold out already so I'll be looking for a roommate situation similar to Blogalicious - any readers with leads please let me know!
  • Uber Intimate & Hands-On - I've shared before how I find smaller conferences to be more my speed and this conference will probably be the smallest I've been to; not only is this good for connecting with other bloggers but also with brands as Alt arranges pre-conference dinners for the attendees to connect with them the night before registration (a few of the brands at Alt are Method, The Honest Company, Bing, Joss & Main and Minted); also the fact that there's a day designated for hands-on Design Camp makes my heart sing - rather than sit and soak up lots of good info I'm looking forward to putting it into practice immediately!
  • The Halo Effect of Sundance - Alt takes place during Sundance Film Festival and conference attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the close proximity to the festivities - I'd like to slip away for a movie and some celebrity stalking sightings!
I've said it before (via my hometown pastor), and I still agree: the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground of miracles, and I'm so excited with the anticipation of what Alt SLC will jumpstart in 2014!

Thank you Alt Design Summit for the opportunity.

Will you be at Alt SLC or have been before? Let me know - I'm going to be in Alt crash course mode the next couple months!