Friday, November 15, 2013

"Let's Get a Christmas Tree This Weekend!"

What in the holy name...?!

Yes, that quote in the post title is from Mr. Lovebird who while on the road for work this week suggested we get a Christmas tree when he returns from his business trip. Now I'm all for decking the halls and with our loft's soraing ceilings I'm completely ready to take advantage of them this year by getting a huge tree, but before Thanksgiving???

No, no, nooooooo!

My silly dad celebrating Mr. Lovebird's first time at a tree farm  -  Columbus Ohio::Thanksgiving 2009

I grew up with the tradition of going to a Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and Mr. Lovebird grew up with an artificial tree, which I think is deplorable! My family even got a tree with a bulb one year so we could replant it, but it didn't thrive. 

At least we tried. 

Christmas 2008 in Ohio
Christmas is a sensitive time for our family because Uka lost his mother on Christmas Day several years ago. Once having Nia, and now that she's understanding more, we're making it more into our own family celebration while keeping the memory of my mother-in-law alive. 

We won't be home for Thanksgiving but are coming back in time to get a tree the Sunday after, and I've scouted out a few farms that we can consider for our freshly cut Christmas tree. If we got our tree right now I just don't think it'd make it until New Year's when we'd take it down.

For now I'm finding tall tree inspiration via Pinterest (I'm thinking of an 8-10 ft tree!):



How early does your family get a tree? Are you team real or fake?


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