Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home Decor Inspired by a Friend

After 6 months in our apartment we're picking up the pace on decorating especially with our upcoming holiday cookie exchange, and while it's so easy to look to social media inspiration I also like to take cues from my friends.

When we visited Boston in September a good friend of mine invited us to her new home and we were wowed by her bright, sophisticated yet comfortable space. 

She graciously let me give you a sneak peek today:


Here are the design cues I'm taking from my friend:
  • Pops of color - I'm loving the punchy pillows! I also adore the colorful gallery wall with a variety of sizes yet themed to New England living 
  • Add some green - I desperately want plants (I've tried before without success) and a Christmas tree doesn't count! 
  • Don't overlook tight spaces - I would've thought the pan rack was too tight of a space, but Michelle showed me how it worked perfectly to free up precious cabinet space; I also like how she added art to the small space as well 
  • Seek out artisan pieces - the floating wood shelf was handmade and it's a gorgeous addition to the kitchen; additionally the small vignette of colored glassware nestled in a crate draped with a tea cloth adds a bit of delicacy to the shelf 
  • Instruments as decor - I'm determined to get my childhood piano back from my parents house (no one plays it and it's badly out of tune) not only for practical purposes (I want Nia to start lessons next year) but also because it warms up the room

Are you inspired by spaces you see in person or those online? Any big decor projects at your home lately?