Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What to Cook When You Have Other Things to Cook

Is the title confusing?

Let me explain . . .

During the holiday season I find the focus on the big meal makes the other "less important" meals suffer. When your task is making the turkey (which can take 3 days if you're defrosting and brining) or prepping stuffing or mac n' cheese who really has time to make a full blown dinner or breakfast?

I'm all about shortcuts (and avoiding the trap of eating out)! Here's a couple things I like to make that get me through this awkward cooking period.


If you follow me on Instagram you'll see I made a batch of America's Test Kitchen's Morning Glory Muffins yesterday (I've posted about them before here). Chock full of nuts, dried cranberries, pineapple, coconut and carrots these muffins have pretty much everything I love and coupled with a glass of milk keeps me full until lunch.  If you want to add more protein boil a few eggs in advance to take one with your muffin for breakfast on the go. Nia ate one on her walk to school this morning and Mr. Lovebird took one on his commute to work!


I'm really lax when it comes to a midday meal and most days I can get by without eating lunch. When I do it's small. Something like this:

I keep a few fresh veggies in the fridge that I pair with hummus, rice crackers and fruit and that's lunch - nice and easy!


This time of year I get really excited for my slow cooker and while I like to make chili the thickness of it especially the week of a heavy meal like Thanksgiving is a bit much so I'll do something easier that doesn't take as much prep like a tortellini soup:

I heat up store-bought broth (chicken or veggie your choice) on the stove top, throw in my favorite refrigerated tortellini, scallions and pepperoni and dinner's done in about 20 minutes.

What do you cook when you have other things to cook?