Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Language Learning with Little Pim

Disclosure: I received the Little Pim Spanish Discovery DVD set for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 

A couple weeks ago I gave a quick teaser of our experience with Little Pim, the award-winning DVD language learning program for children. I'm happy to report they've fulfilled their Kickstarter campaign so thank you to my readers who contributed! I'm also excited to share details on our experience with Little Pim...

Little Pim is for kids ages 0-6 and is a true language immersion program. I had briefly heard of it before and with Nia's recent interest in Spanish was thrilled when they contacted me for a review. Nia likes to "speak Spanish" based on her obsession with Dora (and now Diego) plus hearing it frequently in our community. I'm always on alert for those things Nia gravitates towards and gently pursuing them!

We received the special edition Spanish Discovery DVD set now available in Toys "R" Us nationwide which includes 3-35 minute DVDs as well as a plush Little Pim panda: 
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Wake Up Smiling
  • Playtime
Each DVD covers 60 words and phrases, has the ability for optional subtitles and episodes of only 5 minutes each, which are perfect for little attention spans!

Here's how we use Little Pim in our household:

Nia comes home from school and has a snack then asks for Little Pim - we had it for a couple week and she immediately was interested in the plush however held off on watching the DVD. On her own she asked to watch so I let her and she's been obsessed ever since. Nia prefers to watch the entire DVD at once and can handle 35 minutes of screen time fully engaged. 

She sits on the couch and loves seeing Little Pim appear on the screen and jumps right into her lesson. Nia's intrigued by other children so the DVDs inclusion of children in play and daily activities holds her attention. When words are said she repeats them on her own - she's very eager to learn!

From an entrepreneurship perspective, I love that Little Pim is created by fellow mom and award-winning filmmaker Julia Pimsleur Levine. I feel very confident in continuing to use this series in our household plus it's good for me to brush up on my Spanish too!

Beyond the Discovery Set also available online, you can also purchase the Spanish Immersion Set, which comes with 3 other DVDs (In My Home, Happy; Sad and Silly; I Can Count) and the Spanish Complete Set which has all 6 DVDs as well as additional support materials. For all components and languages there are downloadable parents' companion guides and scripts on the website as well. 

The special edition Discovery Set at Toys"R"Us comes in Spanish, Chinese and English, and these are the additional languages available for the other sets mentioned above:
I highly recommend Little Pim as an outstanding tool for language learning especially because it's engaging and has an incredible shelf life. I look forward to continuing to use it as Nia ages and if we have more children in the future.

How many languages are spoken in your household? Have your children shown an interest in language learning?