Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Not a Beyonce Fan, but I Get This About Her

Beyonce is someone I respect as a businesswomen, and while I don't consider myself a fan I've been watching her "Self-Titled" videos. As a fellow mom Pt. 4 was my "ah-ha" Beyonce moment. Have you watched it?

In the midst of her explaining her goal to prove that moms don't have to lose their sexy, I would've loved for her to acknowledge her ability to do what she does as a mom, artist, wife etc. because of her extensive staff/support. *That* really would've been the clincher, but for what it is, as someone in the spotlight I'm glad she mentioned breastfeeding, and I too believe one doesn't have to lose her sexy just because she becomes a mom. Now I will differ and say I don't need to prove my sexy so overtly and publicly and would never expose myself in that way - that's for my husband only! 

Oh and speaking of my husband, his thoughts on the subject (and I agree) is that this "liberation" is also tied to the younger pop-set (a la Miley and the like) being more daring sexually and Beyonce wanting to be relevant in that sexual arena especially as she ages.

Have you watched Beyonce's "Self-Titled" series? While some say they're manufactured/PR projects, I like them. Do you?