Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Here! Alt Summit SLC Prep

It snuck up on me! A week from tomorrow I'm heading to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit and as usual this is how I'm feeling when I'm too crazed to be excited:

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After our recent sub-zero temps SLC looks like summer to me! Here's what's predicted on opening day:

I definitely don't want to be a homebody stuck in the hotel, so I'm prepping to travel around a bit and explore which brings me to . . .


Alt's known as a "dress to impress" kind of conference and with themed parties plus pregnancy (did you see how big my belly is this time around???) it's been a bit of a challenge so I've found it easiest to divide my wardrobe selections into daytime, evening and exploring:


I'm all about stretch pants, flat boots, blazers and colorful tops; since we'll be in the conference rooms and hotels are known for bizarre climate changes I'll have a few scarves/wraps with me as well (btw I love this handy tutorial for tying scarves!):

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Wednesday night are intimate brand dinners (recent sign-ups for the coveted spots left me with high blood pressure!), and I'll be dining with HomeGoods' so I'm thinking something along these lines:

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Thursday night is the green party (which I was most stressed out about finding an outfit for!), and I'm delighted to have found this dress:

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I had been hearing such great things about Asos, and this was my my first purchase there. I'm happy with the quality, fit and price! I snagged these simple pumps from DSW (for only $19 including shipping!)

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About accessories, I have a few green items I may try or just stick to my usual sliver/white gold.

Friday night there are a slew of mini-parties to choose from, and I'm thinking something comfy like leggings and a bright top with patent flats so I can make it through the night:

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Saturday I hope to walk around the city a bit before my plane leaves that afternoon. I have a white, snowman-like parka I was originally going to wear, but my parents gave me this maternity coat for Christmas that I love the fit of but isn't as warm as my down snowman coat:

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I really don't want to bring two coats so I'm thinking of just bringing the black coat and layering long silk underwear beneath my outfit.

I'll have these super warm and lightweight boots (from my parents last Christmas!):

The Gear 

I'm bringing my DSLR, Asus Vivo Tab RT (Design Mom, one of my favorite bloggers and founder of Alt, will be there, and I really want to thank her in person for it!) and my Galaxy S3 - it actually doesn't charge properly anymore so it looks like either a replacement or upgrade to S4 is in order . . .

Although it's not technically "gear" I'll have both sets of my business cards with me - some left over from Blogalicious5 and some from BlogHer and Blogalicious 2012. I really wanted to order more Moo cards (the ones from Blogalicious5), but I have SO many of the Vistaprint version that I want to be economical and use those up first! 

The Sessions 

This is where I really get wimbled and squirreled! The full schedule is here, but here are a few sessions I'm really looking forward to:
  •  Roundtables - happen simultaneously and thankfully repeat! 
    • Rebranding Yourself and Your Blog 
    • Pricing For Your Worth
    • How to Work From Home Full-time and Not Lose Your Mind 
  • Design Camp - these overlap with the repeating Roundtables so I'm going to have some tough choices to make!
    • Photoshop for Bloggers 
    • Food Photography 

The Speakers

I'm in complete awe of the outstanding line-up - a few highlights . . .

The Brands 

There are so many amazing sponsors and these are just a sampling of the ones I'm most excited to meet with:

I've also enjoyed meeting some of the brands already via Alt Channel classes which have provided lots of insight on topics such as what brands are looking for and how to work with brands.

Helpful Prep Posts 
  • Visual excitement - this blogger's recap has some of the best pics that capture the essence of Alt!

What I Still Need to Do
  • Finalize a list of bloggers I want to meet
  • Make sure I can get to/from the airport via public transit - it's my first time flying out of Newark Airport (I usually fly out of JFK or LaGuardia)
  • PACK!!! 
And shout-out to my sister Ariane who will be helping with Nia's school pick-up/drop-off and to Mr. Lovebird for being extremely supportive of my first trip to Alt. He's sending me off with instructions to, "WOW THEM!" 

Do you get frazzled like I do before a big trip? Are you a big pre-trip planner/packer or a "throw-it-all-in-the-suitcase-the-night-before" type of packer?