Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!

Despite the dreariness we had here in NYC I made the most of the weekend. Now that my 3rd trimester is in full effect (I can't believe it'll be time to post the Week 30 Baby Agbai 2.0 Report next week), I'm really trying to pack a lot in before he arrives . . .


Tea & Sympathy with a new blogger friend

An afternoon scavenger hunt date at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company via HowAboutWe for Couples (I reviewed this fantastic service here!)

While we were on our date my amazing sister Ariane took Lil Lovebird to her piano lesson . . .
Thank you Ariane for capturing this - and also this clip of Nia trying the violin for the 1st time!

Celebrating the soon-arrival of my bump buddy Lacy's little one!

A local blogger meet-up (photo credit)

I went to brunch with my local pregnant mamas at The Hamilton Inn before heading into the city for church followed by Miyazaki's final film and donuts with my sister Lauren:

How was your weekend? Has spring finally arrived where you live or are you still patiently waiting like I am? 


P.S. I'll be back this afternoon to share more about the new header photo and the rest of our Puerto Rico family photo shoot!