Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Lot To Blog About

I've never been a blogger who has a lack of topics. I have hundreds of draft posts still in my queue and still so much more to add. 

I really enjoy this space, and I thank all of you who visit here!

I'm a huge believer in managing expectations and before it gets a little nutty, I wanted to give a quick preview of some topics I want to continue/finish and others that are on my mind that I really want to get a handle on and blog about over the next few months:
  • Spring Break recap - besides our family-moon, Nia and I had a little adventure down in MD with my parents 
  • Family-moon recap - I seriously could've stayed at least 2 more days in VT; being thrown back into the hectic-ness of NYC has been hard. I totally see how folks can move off the grid . . . 
  • Puerto Rico Anniversary Trip - continued features of brands who came along for the trip 
  • Toy Fair 2014 - there are going to be many more posts about featured brands and giveaways to come 
    • The Nursery Makeover - transitioning the kids' room (Baby Agbai 2.0 won't be in there until December but I've started the process now)
    • American Blogger vs. Real American Blogger - catch the trailer here 
    • Alt Summit SLC - I still have a few inspired posts from business cards to fashion that I want to get down
    • Nigeria 2011/12 - my BlackBerry crashing after that trip lost all my notes and it seems to crush my desire to post about it; I want to revisit the pictures from the trip and capture some thoughts I still have about that life-changing trip
    • Formally spilling the beans on mine and my sisters' new business venture 
    • A few NYC events I've attended - from hair events to baby events and entertainment events, I have some fun recaps to share!
    • Listen to Your Mother - I never fully shared in 2013 about this amazing event and with it coming up again I want to be sure to give it due diligence especially for those of you considering attending 
    • Nia's piano lessons - we have my childhood piano in our apartment as of last week, and I'm excited to share what it's been like having a 3 year old who takes piano lessons
    It may get a little jumpy on the blog for a bit, but that's how my mind is working right about now. I'm balancing blogging commitments with spur of the moment topics as well as IRL commitments I have due to my blog. All of that besides my family duties as well. It's a juggling act I'm happy to have (and definitely still prefer to my former corporate life!)

    While I hunker down with my editorial calendar, if there's something missing from the list that you remember I promised to write about please remind me in the comments below (pregnancy brain is not sexist or made up it's FOR REAL!).