Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Mommy & Me Spring Break in the DMV

Nia's been saying how much she misses her Nana and Papi lately so I thought her spring break would be the perfect (pre-baby 2.0!) time to go down for a visit. We took the Bolt Bus after Nia "singing" at our church's Palm Sunday service (it was actually from the 2nd row as she refused to go on stage), and met up with them and my sister Ariane right at the Metro station to go to the capitol to see the last day of the National Cherry Blossom Festival

Each year I see them from afar or slightly post-peak bloom either down there or at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (which is still pre-bloom according to the status map), but I was thrilled to see them in all their glory this year, although my parents said years' past have been better I guess due to the bad winter we had this year. 

Nonetheless, it was definitely a fun family outing and Nia LOVED the open space to run free (much to the chagrin of many, but she was fine!):

After a 4 hour bus ride, we took a 30 minute train then walked for another 30 minutes and this was her treat for being a good sport! It took several ice cream trucks to find the one she wanted, but it was worth it in the end - she's still talking about her popsicle!

The white "popcorn" buds are just starting to come out here in NYC-metro, which Nia likes comparing to D.C. but the trees are still pretty bare. There's still quite a chill in the air and it feels like spring is just really reluctant this year. 

A few more memories made on the trip:

Here's a video of her first kite flying experience
A belated birthday breakfast from our Ohio roots at Bob Evans

Also, Nia's talented Nana was busy sewing her an adorable Easter ensemble (a sneak peak here). I'll have better pics of it to share soon . . .

Do you have cherry blossoms where you live? Have they blossomed yet?