Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No More Perfect Technology Days

I'm part of one of my church's small groups for moms and yesterday after discussing "No More Perfect Days," a chapter in the highly recommended No More Perfect Moms, I headed to Whole Foods for lunch before going back home to rest a minute before getting Nia from school. Being in my 3rd trimester of course I went to the bathroom before getting on the train home and debated putting my tote bag containing my tablet on the ground, but it looked so gross that I decided to hook it on the door.

Big mistake!

With my coat and small paper bag of bananas (Whole Food bananas are my fave - perfectly ripe!), pregnancy tea and DHA capsules the hook just couldn't handle it and it all came crashing down.

I didn't even have to look in my bag to know my tablet cracked.

No more perfect days.

So instead of resting when I got home I spent it getting repair quotes and thanks to my sister Ariane found a place to fix it which is where I'm dropping it off this morning before heading to acupuncture for back pain and stress relief.

Definitely for stress relief cause last night once Nia was in bed I debated folding laundry or writing a blog post. I opted to write however got a "hard drive does not exist" message upon starting up my laptop.

No more perfect days.

I did everything the forums and You Tube suggested to no avail. I've been here before with my Dell and I've seen the signs on my hp for months so not completely surprised but having both the tablet AND laptop go on the same say?! 

C'mon now!

So I'm pausing on blogging to catch up on laundry which is probably what God was trying to tell me I needed to do anyway!