Monday, April 7, 2014

Traveling Light with 7A.M. Enfant

Disclosure: I received a 7A.M. Enfant Hamper to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. 

I'm excited to kick-off this week's brand spotlight posts from our recent trip to Puerto Rico with a feature on 7A.M. Enfant!

When I met 7A.M. Enfant at Toy Fair 2014 I was inspired to see their well-designed products for parents with very active lifestyles. Living in metro-NYC it's so easy to become a schlepper and now with another little one on the way, I'm always on the lookout for products that will make getting around easier, especially because we rely on public transit. 

Here's why I chose the 7A.M. Enfant Hamper (retail price $49) for our trip:

  • Lightweight and packable - the bag can fold into its own pocket so I was able to toss it into my checked luggage then when it was time for the return trip I filled it with laundry and took it as Lil Lovebird's carry-on. I really appreciated the extra space it allowed in my suitcase for the trip!

  • Large capacity - it can really hold a lot without being cumbersome; it's a deep bag that's super sturdy so it's easy to get from one point to another without it feeling flimsy; I also liked that filling it was easy enough for my daughter and I to do together! 
Looks like me, but that's actually my sister Lauren! Carrying the Hamper was a family affair during our trip

  • Versatile - not only can it attach to a stroller, but you can throw it over your shoulder or carry it by the top handles - during the trip it became a family affair carrying the hamper! We used it as a beach bag during the trip and a laundry bag on the trip home 

  • Stylish - with bright, punchy colors the hamper beautifully fits into any scheme you have whether you have it attached to your stroller, on your shoulder or in your nursery; having a girl and boy I also 7A.M. Enfant's gender-neutral color options (you can see all the colors here)
I know we'll get many years of usage out of our Hamper, and I'll even use it for myself when the kids are done - it really is an evergreen product! Thank you 7A.M. Enfant for making our trip easier.

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