Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who Me? Team Apple?!

If you've followed my blog you've heard about my tech woes especially lately with the cracking of my tablet screen and PC hard drive dying all on the same day. We've been a PC family for years but what's interesting is when I think back the very first computer I ever learned on was a Mac. 

So I guess it was time to return to my roots...


I'm now Team Apple and...


I wrote this post from my new MacBook Air and it was such a breeze. Here's what I like off the bat:
  • SO quiet - with a flash drive I hardly even know it's running; super silent!
  • Lightweight - I can't get over how thin it is! With post-baby travel and especially at blogging conferences this is very important
  • Easy to use - out of the box I was ready to go and love how quickly it starts up from off or sleep mode (my PC took too much time to think!)
  • Comfortable keyboard - I was concerned about a 13" laptop feeling too cramped, but it's super comfy to type on

There are only a couple things I have issues with so far:
  • No light on the FaceTime HD camera 
  • Certain things just don't appear like they do on a PC (ex. trying to connect my wireless hard drive and printer)

Next, I definitely need to get an indestructible case for it especially with my bad luck with technology. What I've seen so far on Amazon are a little too utilitarian looking. I want something both tough and stylish. Any recommendations?

Are you an Apple fan? If you switched from PC to Mac what was your experience like? Please share your tips/tricks and resources for making the transition easier!


P.S. While I switched my laptop I am definitely still Team Droid when it comes to phones!