Monday, May 26, 2014

Toys Galore at TTPM's Spring Showcase 2014

The fact that TTPM's Spring Showcase was in my 3rd trimester and Toy Fair was in my 2nd made the world of difference! The former was a more manageable affair vs. the expanse of Toy Fair - I don't think I could've done Toy Fair in my 3rd trimestser. The best part: I was able to revisit quite a few brands I had met at Toy Fair to see their updates as well as meet some new brands.

The TTPM team discussed the big trends this toy season including the fact that it's a BIG movie year (Godzilla, Frozen and Lego's continued success, Spider-Man and Transformers to name a few!)

Here are my favorite highlights from the showcase:

JAKKS Pacific - their anticipated Frozen dolls and dresses will be out soon and everyone is waiting with baited breath! I have to admit we're a Frozen-obsessed household (are you?). Additionally, their Whimsy & Wonder tea/dress-up line is perfect for the budding princess in your life - we've been playing with it the past couple weeks and a separate review is coming up!

Paw Patrol - I hadn't heard of this until the showcase but to see everyone else excitement piqued my interest. I look forward to checking out this cute line with Nia soon!

LeapFrog - LeapFrog's LeapBand is something to be excited about! With all the fitness trackers for adults, I was excited to see one for kids. It has the ability too for parental control to shut off the play feature while the child is in school when it turns into just a watch. 

Mega Bloks - I had always thought of Mega Bloks as a toddler toy, but fell in love with the Barbie playsets for bigger kids. It brought back memories of my mini-playsets growing up and I know it's something Lil Lovebird would love (we've been a bit paranoid though of introducing toys with small pieces with baby coming soon!).

My Little Pony - After introducing Nia to My Little Pony post-Toy Fair, I was thrilled when Nia took to it just like I did when I was her age. The Equestria Girls based on the Hasbro movie is one of Nia's favorites as well as Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash.  

Crayola - I continue to be a fan of their Color Wonder line and they've done a lot to make the colors even more vibrant than before. We've been playing with the Doodle Magic Lap Desk (full review to come!) and are excited for the outdoor playsets too - I think they'll make a fun addition for Nia's 4th birthday party this year which will be outdoors again. 

And Nia's #1 favorite item I brought home from TTPM's 2014 Spring Showcase???

The Happy's - these adorable, interactive pets allow kids to train them and do tricks for treats via the infrared key chain remote. For us, it's the perfect compromise for a real pet! As you can see above Nia was thrilled to see it in her gift bag and has had fun training her kitten Mittens.

Oh and the food too - I was happy to see yummy sandwiches, fruit and salad for my pregnant belly!

Stay tuned for some fun reviews of the toys we've received. . .

What toys are your kids into this spring?