Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Baby Prep Memorial Day Weekend

This was a "get stuff done" kind of weekend and it was about 50% so. We ended up eating and sleeping quite a bit which I determined was much more needed than washing and folding Baby Agbai 2.0's clothes. 

Friday Mr. Lovebird got off early so we could go on our hospital tour. I'm under the care of a midwifery practice which has privileges at a local hospital. While I wanted to get all "The Farm" this time a la Ina May Gaskin, Mr. Lovebird was not down for a home birth so this was the compromise. After visiting the hospital I definitely think it's a good choice. I'm most excited to let my baby come this time around on his own time unlike last time.

The bad news is the hospital still had a flu restriction so Lil Lovebird was not able to join us. She's super perceptive so I was looking forward to her seeing the place she'd first meet her brother ahead of time, but I'm sure she'll be fine regardless.

We got down to business Saturday doing quite a bit of purging, donating and rearranging. Mr. Lovebird is quite Type-A (deep down inside) and it turns out he can organize a closet like a game of Tetris! We were also able to get a bit of outdoor time at a birthday party for Nia's preschool friend then tried out a local burger joint that's been calling my name for quite some time. That decision might have been a bad idea because their fried mac & cheese burger (with BACON!) is highly addictive and sits beside a bus stop I frequent. Thank goodness for extended nursing I tell ya! I'll be visiting a few times for sure... 

Sunday we ended up at my college friend Maria's BBQ (remember this sweet picture of Nia and my friend in their backyard?). Well here she is again in her backyard:

She looks like her dad, agree?
My parents were in town helping my sister Lauren move so they came over and we all BBQed yesterday. I definitely overate (hey, I gotta get my iron level up per my midwife!) then I napped HARD!

I was glad we were able to get this family selfie although Lil Lovebird was passed out:

I couldn't help but add the banner - doesn't this remind you of a sitcom or something?
Curious how we spent previous Memorial Day Weekends? Check them out here: 2013, 2012 (this was the weekend I weaned Nia), 2011.

How was your holiday weekend? Feeling like you need an extra day or two like I do?