Friday, August 1, 2014

Look Who's Speaking! #BeGreatB6

Happy August! A couple days ago I switched that Blogalicious button on the side from "I'm attending" to "I'm presenting!" This will be my 3rd Blogalicious (you can read my recaps here and here) and the whole family is coming along to San Antonio, the site of Blogalicious November 6-8. Although I've been blogging since 2009, I only started attending blogging conferences in 2012 when BlogHer was in NYC (recap here) and from the get-go I set my sights on speaking especially as a certified Toastmaster.

At Blogalicious5
Here's a snippet of my session in the program guide, and you can find the full schedule here:

Oh and there's still time to register for the conference - you can do that here!

Have you attended a blogging conference before? Will I see you at Blogalicious? 

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