Friday, September 5, 2014

NYC-Metro Readers: Join Me at Taste of Africa This Sunday!

I was disappointed to miss the Jazz Age Lawn party on Governor's Island the same weekend as Nia's 4th birthday party this year, but I recently learned of another fantastic reason to make the trek there with my family: Taste of Africa!

{Image Credit: Francoise Bouffault}
Somehow I've never heard of it until now despite of it being in its 7th year. It sounds like a fantastic event so I'm happy to share with my NYC-metro readers in case you'd like to go too! Produced by African Film Festival, Inc., this family friendly celebration highlights African culture with an array of fun activities as well as delicious food.

{Image Credit: Francoise Bouffault}
If you plan to go definitely bring your dancing shoes as the day kicks off at 11a.m. with Zumba followed by classes in Afro-Brazilian dance, Senegalese Sabar dance and Guinean dance. For those who enjoy crafts there's even a needle arts workshop at noon followed by storytelling. I'm especially excited for the double-dutch workshop in the afternoon, but I'll have to see how long the kids last! Mr. Lovebird and my sisters will be so it'll definitely be a family affair for us pending good weather (rain date on September 14th!).

I can totally picture Nia here! {Image Credit: Francoise Bouffault}
For more information be sure to visit the website!

What are your weekend plans? Have you attended any cultural festivals this summer?