Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our First Christmas as a Family of 4

Popping in with a bit of late night blogging to recap our Christmas. We're still on vacation mode around here and have enjoyed having Mr. Lovebird off work (and no snow to contend with). 

We had a "stay in your PJs all day" kind of Christmas down in Maryland, and it was just what I needed:

Nia and I wore the PJs we won as part of DesignMom's giveaway! (Grayson will be able to fit his next Christmas and sadly, they don't come in Uka's size.)

The rest of the holiday we were blessed to see both sides of our family. With so many hugs and snuggles to go around, the kids loved it especially! We also saw Annie (SEE IT!) and a couple old friends who we'll no longer be able to see as often since my parents are leaving the DMV.

We enjoyed our first, first class flight as a family of 4 - it definitely was worth it for the return leg of the trip, and I vote to make it a tradition!
Regarding gifts, we're still enjoying our family gift that came a bit early - Nia especially likes eating raw kale before it can make it in! We skipped over Nia's princess obsession to gift her and her brother swimming lessons which start next week. And because of Nia's fascination with time and her schedule we gave her this and this and so far they're a hit!

Next up is a quick out of town visit to see dear friends then we have a family member visiting the rest of the week - I really enjoy eating my way showing newbies around Portsmouth! I'm also going to do some planning and organization for 2015 - I'm putting this and this to good use. (I almost need a full one week sabbatical alone at home to do so, but I'll take what I can get!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! What was your favorite gift to give? I loved sending my Grandma Mary these - they're her fave!

P.S. I just ordered our annual New Year's cards. After selecting the pics Mr. Lovebird and I decided we need to do pro family pics here on out! Do you do a Christmas card or a New Year's card?