Monday, January 19, 2015

NYC, We Feel the Love

We made our way down to the city Friday morning, and when I saw this I have to admit I got a bit nostalgic:

Nia was wide-eyed and I explained to her: "This is Harlem. This is where you were born."

Although out of my 7 years in NYC-metro the last 2 were spent in Jersey City, my heart is still in Harlem. I get so excited passing through the streets and seeing all the ways my old neighborhood has changed. I'll never give up on my dream of owning a brownstone there some day.

Friday night we reunited with my college roommate and her precious girl. She and Nia took their time cautiously around the ice rink. We followed it up with pizza (which I shamefully reordered last night).

Saturday morning we were up bright and early with my sister Ariane (God bless her for helping me with the kids!). We made our way to Jersey City for a 9a.m. breakfast - and that's considered a *late* breakfast for kids O_o. It was such a fun reunion! We took over the place and I could tell a few of the patrons were a bit stunned to see our huge group. We definitely felt the love though, and it was as though we never left! I was also jealous that my new hood now has this so easily accessible. 

I had to take a break for a bit of pampering afterwards. My eyebrows were out.of.control, and I was in dire need of a trim (it had been 21 weeks since my last). I felt like a new woman when I left salon Oma Duran!

Saturday night it was up to Harlem for a sleep over of sorts with my sisters. They cooked us dinner and we watched SNL - I rarely do, but Kevin Hart was hilarious, especially this sketch which was very appropriate given where we were. I stayed up late to watch Whitney. All I have to say is, "NO." (For a spot on recap check out Luvvie's post). 

Sunday we were up early for church in the icy rain (thank goodness for Uber!) then it was off to Panera for lunch with my sisters, a couple mommy friends and their kids including Nia's birth date twin. It was fun seeing them pick back up where they left off!

I was so relieved to make it back to my BFF's apartment afterwards and not have any commitments except for PJs, takeout and Downton Abbey (do you watch?). Perfection!

My BFF was able to get an earlier flight back so we were thrilled to spend some extra time visiting with him when we all woke up this morning. It really is such a blessing to have friends willing to open their homes to us and we look forward to reciprocating up in New Hampshire especially when it warms up!

We feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. 

How's your long weekend going? Are you seeing "Selma?" This tweet captured my sentiments.