Monday, January 12, 2015

Lovebirds are NYC Bound!

There is only one thing getting me through this week...

See that in the background?:

YAAAAAS! We are returning back to the city we love at the end of the week for the long weekend. It'll be just me and the kids car-less (I've been spoiled driving around up here in New Hampshire!), but I'm SO super excited to catch up with as many people as possible! Even better, we'll be back again next month.

In the interim, I'm doing a massive brain dump today then jumping back on top of my to-do list: 
  • Did you watch the Golden Globes? I was coming from church and caught the last half so I missed this live, but it's definitely my favorite moment   
  • We are starting the path to Disney s-l-o-w-l-y working our way towards visiting the parks probably when Nia's 7 or 8; for now we've purchased tickets for this and this in January and February, respectively (if you've seen either let me know how you liked it!)
  • I'm so thankful for my Day Designer! I knew it was a big deal when even Uka noticed it open on the counter and called it out for helping me stay on top of things. I'm still a digital girl, but for long term planning and goal setting I'm happy to be reunited with my old school pen and paper after a 12 year hiatus 
  • After dealing with a nasty cold and teething (still ongoing) we finally introduced solids to Grayson over the weekend (annnnnd swimming lessons!). Here's a preview of him eating banana (I have video too for a separate post!): 

  • My sisters and I are off to a strong start with our business, and I'm looking forward to continuing our pace
  • I am *this* close to having regular help with the kids via Care dot com - have you tried it? Using the Day Designer I've found one consistent slot a week that if I can get a solid 4-5 hours uninterrupted time I can set myself up for success. I'm excited to hunker down at our local library and get to work during this dedicated window of time! 
  • Have you seen Selma? Due to our travel schedules Uka and I can't see it until next weekend, and I.can't.wait. Every time I see the commercials I tear up considering the current conditions worldwide and especially here in the U.S. This recent news moment especially got to me and also brought this to mind - we really do have a looooong way to go  
Have a wonderful week friends, and I promise I have so much good stuff planned here (including a MAJOR redesign in the works at last) if I can just stop this from happening each night (I'm a zombie ya'll!).