Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Top 5 #EngagedEssentials with Robin Wilson Home

Disclosure: I am a compensated brand ambassador for Robin Wilson Home; all opinions expressed are my own.

This summer Mr. Lovebird and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage, and this past Valentine's Day weekend an astounding 220,000 Americans proposed according to this article in the New York Post. I remember my own engagement ushering in a flurry of preparation and besides everyone wanting to know when the big date would be, the next question everyone asked was where I was registered.

Hindsight is definitely 20/20, and today I'm sharing a few basic items from Robin Wilson Home's line of registry bedroom basics at Bed Bath & Beyond that should be on your bridal registry: 

1) Waterproof Mattress Pad - for both comfort and function, this item is essential; not only does it protect your mattress, and often its warranty, by covering it but it also gives you and your spouse extra comfort. If kids are in the plan down the line it also makes sense to go ahead and invest in this early

2) Sheets Set - investing in quality sheets will help you and your partner feel luxurious when slipping into bed! Robin Wilson Home's 500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Sheets are offered in a variety of colors and having known the struggle of getting sheets to fit properly, the deep pocket is a must

3) Pillows - thankfully Robin Wilson Home has 300-thread count, chemical-free options for both side sleepers (me!) and back sleepers (Mr. Lovebird!); what's critical is making sure you wash your pillows on schedule - something Robin share more about here

4) Quilt - I recently showcased Robin Wilson Home's gorgeous line of quilts featuring 4 patterns to choose from, and it's critical to find one both you and your partner agree upon; additionally, it's good to have a few options on hand for seasonal changes

5) Down Alternative Comforter - each couple has their own potential allergies and sensitivities so play it safe with a down alternative comforter; Robin Wilson Home's comforter offers luxurious warmth year-round and is definitely an investment piece for your bedroom - for a happy marriage, just don't try to steal the covers during the night (I know from experience!)

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Which products from your registry do you still use? What do you wish you had registered for?