Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A half-smile, post-nursing
Baby Grayson is not feeling well. This winter has been rough with teething and colds but when his fever spiked over the weekend past 100 and yesterday to 103 he ended up at the doctor's office. Even when calling in to make the appointment the nurse could hear him in the background and said he sounded distressed - he doesn't wail but just moans. It's heartbreaking.

We live less than a 5 minute drive from our doctor and pretty much everything we need here is in a 15 minute driving radius. I'm still in amazement at this. When Nia got sick for the 2nd time time back in NYC I remember how cumbersome it was to get an appointment, bundle up, take the subway, climb the stairs, walk several blocks and feel like we just went through war simply to get to the doctor. Sure we could've seen a doctor in our neighborhood, but we had already been through a few pediatricians so when we found one we loved we stuck with her and made the trek. 

This element of ease is something I love about living here in Portsmouth. Things are just so much simpler, and while I'm anxious to take advantage of this efficiency especially in regards to mompreneurship, when baby gets sick he takes priority. 

On the way to school this morning Nia exclaimed, "Mama, Grayson's making the fudgey face like I used to do!"
It's times like these I beat myself up for aiming to do more than just be a mom, but I keep telling myself it's the longest shortest time. 

Mr. Lovebird is on the road pushing through his own sickness and so far Nia and I haven't succumbed, although my stomach is trying to tell me otherwise. 

My to-do list is ridiculous right now (I get nauseous looking at it), but for now more snuggles with baby boy are in order. He sounds so, so miserable. 

Stay healthy friends!