Monday, March 30, 2015

The Naked Grape

If you read enough parenting forums sooner or later you come across stories of kids walking in on their parents during intimate moments. 

We had our first such experience last week.

Nia is a smart girl and we've taught her to be comfortable with her body. Sometimes I think she's a bit too comfortable as she is completely obsessed with booty. Not just her booty, but the word in general and anything even remotely entertaining that has to do with it. 

I guess we're in the potty mouth/bodily function comedy phase of development. 

Fun times.

Any time the word booty comes up she has to repeat, "Mama, they said booty!" The thing is though we don't say "butt," and have always used the word booty. She's had arguments with her friends over using the word and whether or not it's bad, but she knows what goes in our household.

Last week I gave Uka a hug when he exited the shower and all the sudden we heard giggling and lo and behold, behind him in the entrance to our bathroom through our bedroom was Nia. She exclaimed, "Dada, I see your BOO-TEEEEE!"


We simply laughed it off (Uka quickly grabbed a towel!) and told her it wasn't nice to sneak up on us. 

I have very strong early memories and this moment made me go back and see if I could remember a moment like that of my own as a kid and (thankfully) I couldn't. I wonder if Nia will remember that? 

Well later that night she was up to her antics again when she was eating grapes at dinner and remarked, "I got a naked grape, Mama!" Rather than entertain the naked grape talk I ignored the comment, but she started laughing in her naughty way and asked, "Mama, do you know what a naked grape is?" Did I really want to know? It didn't matter cause she went ahead and informed me: "It's when I take the grape out of its skin!" Then she goes on laughing and repeating, "I have a naked grape!"

Something tells me year 5 is going to be quite the year with Nia, and I'm thinking she'll start inquiring about where babies come from much earlier than I ever did.

Have you ever had an awkward moment like this with your kids? Do you remember your own awkward moment when you were a kid?