Friday, March 27, 2015

Life With Gray: 9 Months

Is it just me, or is there a bit of mischief in his eyes???
TGIF friends! I'm just 3 short months away from having a toddler, and Grayson's looking quite the part already, agree? I'm glad to see he's chunked up a bit since last month's update (he looked SO tiny!). His skin is also doing better thanks to switching from Aquaphor to Eucerin. We'll also be trying a new product by Weleda to help and I can't wait to share my review soon.

Here's this month's update:

  • Baby's weight: I think he's at a solid 17lbs now, maybe 18. We have his appointment before we leave on our cruise so I'll come back to update
  • Baby's height:  Update coming . . .
  • What size of clothing does baby wear? We're at capacity on the 9 months for length and he's still in 6-9 months for width  
  • Special outings baby had during the month:  He's been accompanying Nia to her birthday parties and various events that have seemed to pick up this season; he takes it in stride - super observant and I can tell he's waiting his chance to participate
At Nia's PK4 performance of The Great Kapok Tree
  • What are your thoughts on this past month?: He's really finding his voice and it's been so cute continuing to see how he reacts to Nia, who is his everything. This video makes us laugh again and again, especially Nia's face while Grayson is screeching:

    • What was baby's routine? Gray's 8 month wakeful is turning into the 9 month wakeful; around 12/1a.m. he's up and ready to party! Lord, help me! He still goes down between 8/8:30p.m. with his sister, but I need to find a way to get him to eat more at dinner so he's full and tired. For now he will sometimes fall asleep while nursing while most times I put him to bed awake, he'll fuss immediately then I'll have to return once to rub his back and help him fall asleep; Nia's a help too reassuring him and putting his beloved Hug-a-Bible in his bed for comfort
    • Any milestones baby reached during the month?: He can pull to a standing position but rarely does it for me to see in progress; I've seen him get halfway (like in this video) and have happened upon him at full standing position, but Nia's witnessed the entire process; I swear baby's have secret skills!
    • Reflect about the highlights of the month: Grayson's becoming quite the swimmer entering his 4th month of swimming next week! He no longer cries upon exiting - the locker room experience was traumatizing for him initially. Mobility-wise, he's finding his own way of getting around including a roll off the bed a couple weeks ago (wow, is his head hard!)
    • Did any big changes occur? He's in cloth diapers now, but Mr. Lovebird's purchased disposables to interchange based on his and our babysitters' comfort level; I have to admit his non-breastmilk #2s are INTENSE. Nothing like I experienced with Nia. I recently changed 7 #2 diapers in one day
    • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc... While Grayson loves Nia, he's now realizing that his daddy is a big toy and will reach out to him! It's such a special development and makes Uka smile so big. Uka rough houses him (anyone else extra nervous when their partner tosses the baby in the air?!), and the way he's so silent brings to mind this Key & Peele sketch; food-wise Grayson enjoys eating Cheerios especially and starts panting when he sees the box and rotates his hands at the wrist; we also had a bit of a scare with his strong allergic reaction to scrambled eggs a couple weeks ago so his pediatrician's advised that anything with eggs is completely off-limits for now (I was giving him just the yolk as I did with Nia when she was a baby, but it was super messy)
    • What I'm looking forward to? 
      • Grayson's 1st beach experience when we head to the Bahamas in a couple weeks
      • Continuing melting snow so we can head to the park - I can't wait to see him in a baby swing!