Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life With Gray: 10 Months

I'm writing this as we're en route to NYC today, and I'm excited to (hopefully) make it to one of my favorite playgrounds in Central Park with both kids for the first time tomorrow. Definitely stay tuned to Instagram to catch our NYC adventures!

In the meantime, here's this month's update:

  • Baby's weight: Grayson is 17lbs, 11oz as of his 9 month appointment a couple weeks ago (they scheduled it late for some reason)
  • Baby's height: 28 1/4" - a tall baby, but not quite sure where he got that from!  
  • What size of clothing does baby wear? 9 months on length is not quite cutting it, but width-wise it's perfect
At the beach in Freeport, Bahamas staying sun-safe in his Coolibar rash guard
  • Special outings baby had during the month: our epic cruise and he did so well
At the Dr. Seuss Breakfast on our cruise ship
  • What are your thoughts on this past month?: It's really hard to avoid comparing your kids when you have more than one and definitely with developmental gender differences I'm trying hard to keep that in mind; I just wish Grayson would go ahead and say, "Mama" or "Dada" already as his sister was long before 10 months. I do know Grayson understands a lot and I just keep talking and talking to him. I wonder what his first word will be? He did surprise us though with crawling on all fours when we returned from our cruise. He still very much enjoys being babied, which I don't mind! I give him lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses and looking forward to him doing it back. For now, he just pats me and Uka on the back when we hold him upright. It's so sweet! 
With my lil prince on Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel (yes, that's how it's spelled!)
  • What was baby's routine? The cruise threw things off but even still nighttime we've had some challenges with the "turn down for what" time as I call it - both he and Nia get amped right before bed. Ughhh. Lately, we've revived crying it out and he gets to bed pretty quickly between 8/8:30p.m. as does Nia and he still whimpers in the middle of the night then is up for the day around 7a.m. Food/skin-wise his skin is clearing up and we went to an allergist last week where we found out he's allergic to dairy and peanuts, but we wouldn't give them to him anyway at this age. The cruise did a wonder for his weight though and he's been eating like a champ ever since! His pediatrician advised he could pretty much eat whatever we ate and each night we'd pull him up to the formal dining table while Nia ate at Camp Carnival and he did well at adapting. There was only one night that we had to step away, and it was during dessert anyway (more on cruising with kids to come!).
  • Any milestones baby reached during the month?: Crawling on all fours with hips picked up off the floor (here's a video - don't mind my annoying voice!).
First taste of Dole Whip at Disney World, and he's hooked!
  • Reflect about the highlights of the month: Grayson is such an amazing traveler! He is so calm and each flight (he goes in his 4th in a couple weeks) I keep waiting for his "true colors" to come through, but so far so good. Grayson did a good job on the cruise and had a lot of fun people watching.
  • Did any big changes occur? No major changes, but just travel adjustment. With his bedtime crankiness lately we think he misses cruising! 
  • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc...  Grayson is learning to enjoy the baby food pouches and has started begging off of our plates. I think the cruise really opened the door to this. He sat at the table with us without a bottle or baby food and, as his pediatrician suggested before our trip, we let him have bits of our food. He did really well as long as he could hold a utensil in one hand! Compromise, I tell ya! Regarding people, Grayson still adores his Nia. His eyes light up for her and if I ask, "Where's Nia?" He looks all around for her. Too cute!
  • What I'm looking forward to? Continued warmer weather so Grayson can keep up with his swinging - he loves it!