Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life With Gray: 11 Months

I missed Grayson turning 11 months while I was away and immediately upon returning yesterday Grayson kind of paused and stared at me like he couldn't believe I was back. It was actually kind of creepy how he froze in place! Nia picked him up and brought him to me and since then he's been super clingy and wanting to cuddle. He's still very much my baby although he's turning 1 year old in a few weeks. Here's his last update before toddlerhood!

  • Baby's weight: Grayson had a special weigh-in a few weeks ago and is 17 lbs, 3 oz - he's dropped a few ounces (more on that later) 
  • Baby's height: 28 1/4" - as of his 9 month appointment, but I know he's taller based on where he's bumping his head now!  
  • What size of clothing does baby wear?: 9-12 months and really more 9 months for weight and 12 months for height
  • Special outings baby had during the month: Two trips to NYC! We took the bus down the first time and flew the second time. Both Grayson and Nia did really well as usual!

  • What are your thoughts on this past month?: Grayson still very much feels like a baby to me I think mostly because I was used to his sister walking and talking understandably by this age even to just say mama and dada. I think it's been most frustrating to me dealing with him losing weight. It was a confusing conversation with the pediatrician who after telling me to give Grayson soy formula (he has a dairy allergy), told me that you cannot make a baby eat, sleep or poop. I had already told him that Grayson just isn't a voracious eater - boob or solids, it just doesn't matter. Sure enough while he's taken more to the bottle (he rejects most cups unless it's my adult version!), despite being introduced to many new foods and some of his same favorites, he just isn't that passionate about food. Looking back at Nia's charts, she was the same (and you can see here in her 11 month update how similar their body build is). As long as Grayson is healthy, which he is the pediatrician confirmed, he should be fine. 
Post late-night hotel pool shenanigans!

  • What was baby's routine? Similar to how the cruise threw off our schedule the couple trips to NYC only did slightly, but while I was away Grayson has taken to sleeping all night. I wasn't sure if he'd want to nurse when I came back and so far it's been 24 hours as of the time I'm writing this post and he hasn't asked to nurse. This will certainly adjust our schedule! He's still up around 7a.m. and down between 8/8:30p.m. but somehow our sitter and Uka got him (and Nia!) down at 7:30p.m. while I was away. I just think kids give their moms (or whichever parent they're around most) the hardest time. Definitely true in my case! Nap schedule has been off just in the day that I've been back but an afternoon nap appears to be necessary (I'm writing this while both kids nap). We're also working on setting up a summer schedule between swimming lessons, library story time, and travel.
  • Any milestones baby reached during the month?: He can wave and apparently (according to Uka) say, "Hi."

  • Reflect about the highlights of the month: Grayson being able to see family twice in NYC and a third time in Massachusetts while I was away, was an added bonus. Now that we're only 90 minutes away from his Boston-metro cousins I want him and Nia to get to know them and hopefully this is the start of a summer full of cousin playdates!
At the relatively new and super family-friendly Porta in Jersey City

  • Did any big changes occur? So far Grayson has stopped nursing since I returned from my trip yesterday afternoon. I pumped while I was away (about 30 oz a day) still pump to add to the soy formula the pediatrician recommended, but it looks like once we confirm the depth of his dairy allergy in a few weeks with his one year bloodwork, he'll most likely be weaned! It's amazing to think that with Nia I still had 11 more months of nursing ahead of me at this point. 

In the midst of (loudly) re-enacting Tarzan

  • What are baby's favorites - toy, food, person, etc... Still his sister! He is the loudest for her and adores her despite how she terrorizes him like in this video (his first time in a ball bit and yes, I completely disinfected them when we got home!):
  • What I'm looking forward to? Grayson's 1st birthday party! We've scheduled an outdoor picnic party a week earlier than his actual birthday since we'll be away, and are praying for good weather (lately it's been cold, gray and rainy here).