Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School with Horizon Snacks

Disclosure: This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.

With Kindergarten approaching in a few weeks, I'm already thinking ahead to one of the most important aspects of my daughter Nia's school day: what's in her lunch box. Horizon Organic has made the decision easier with their extensive line of snacks. From their Super Squeeze to Fruit Crunchers there are exciting and flavorful options to choose from. As a mom it's important to me that Nia's lunchbox is full of good things for her to eat while she's more interested in the taste. I'm glad we've found something we both agree on!

In the past Nia's school provided lunch for her 5 days a week in Pre-K 3 and I packed her lunch when she attended 3 days a week in Pre-K 4. This year is different as she returns to a 5-day a week program AND I'm packing her lunch daily. I have to admit I found it a bit intimidating at first but I've decided on an action plan:

1) Get your child involved - I have a hard time delegating but now that Nia's 5 and her motor skills are more developed I'm involving her every step of the way from contents selection to how to pack her lunch. I'm sure she'll be more likely to eat the contents 

2) Plan ahead - I'm drawing upon my mom's tactic with me and my 3 siblings growing up of having us pack our lunch the night before; I used to loathe it but as I grew up I found I carried this habit with me even in the workplace. I'm hoping this is a habit that grows with Nia as well!

3) Learn through lunch - With the advent of her 5th birthday Nia's become very interested in how the body works and it's the perfect opportunity to explain how the food we eat fuels our body. Even when she grabs cheese she'll tell me, "Mama, I'm eating protein; it's good for me!" Along with teaching her what's in her lunch box, I also see it as an opportunity to help her foster a positive relationship with food; you can never start too early

4) Don't be afraid of the swap - I'm not sure of the lunch rules at her new school, but trading food was something I liked doing with my friends; with most schools being wary of allergies I know this can be an issue, but with the possibility of swaps it also introduces Nia to new food and ideas for her own lunch that might help make it more creative for us back at home

Nia recently had the opportunity to try Horizon Organic Snacks and was very vocal in her feedback, as usual! The Strawberry Super Squeeze was her absolute favorite and she had to keep it away from her brother who was trying to get a taste too. Beyond the lunch box, as an after school snack I was also  happy to see how much she liked the Classic Mac in a single serve cup. Both it and the Super Squeeze are packed with protein and calcium, which Nia now knows are very important!  

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This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.