Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Weekend at the 10th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

We may have missed it last year, but this year was our 5th time attending the Jazz Age Lawn Party and Nia and Grayson's 1st time as siblings. I learned my lesson after last time and made sure I arrived early to catch the first Governor's Island ferry out at 10a.m. and I'm glad I did - it was CROWDED! It's crazy to think how small the Jazz Age Lawn Party started and now to see how thousands turn out for it. It was a scorcher (hooray for no rain!), but we loaded up on sunscreen, secured a shady spot and stayed until 3p.m. 

My cuties stay mean muggin'!
She convinced me to get this for her ($6!), but I have to admit it was delicious - I've tried others that were so bitter, but this was perfection on the hot day!

We packed lunch but then Grayson passed right out! And of course we had to get a bit of ice cream from the vintage truck:

I wanted him to wear a cap and suspenders but he didn't even last in pants - it was SO hot!

Queen Esther was my favorite performer
She got 3 spins, failed the first two then the woman's son, "a pro," came back to the booth...
The little boy was the cutest! He zipped right in and spun white which wins every time apparently
Of course I had to make a little video of my cuties together (Grayson is still a reluctant walker!):

I definitely think this was our last year attending. I miss how small it was in the past especially being able to see the special performances on the dance floor. Now it's just too crowded and there are too many vendors. I'm thankful we've been able to document our visits here on the blog over the years. It's been a fun run for us at the Jazz Age Lawn Party!


P.S. A look back at our previous visits: 2013, 2012 and 2011