Monday, August 24, 2015

Nia's 5th Birthday Party

So much catching up to do here, but I'm so happy to share pics from Nia's 5th birthday party this weekend!

The number one thing I fret over for Nia's birthday each year is the weather. I'm absolutely committed to it being outdoors and while she did ask for a Water Country party (and yes, we explored that dern expensive option), we ended up compromising for a family trip there on her actual birthday. She was perfectly happy with that!

We also did a mini-celebration in my native Ohio too with an epic cake for her (so many pics and memories from that trip to share) and for her local party here in Portsmouth, NH I started a running Evernote list of who to invite and it ballooned rather quickly. We had to make a few tough decisions and ultimately, no tears were shed over the final list, and the day turned out to be a perfect mix of friends from our neighborhood, play groups, church as well as kiddie cousins. The best part? The day started off with questionable weather but by party time it was perfect! 

We're 5 for 5, ya'all!

A few pics from the party:

So annoyed my lens was dirty for this, but had to share this capture of pure cupcake bliss! I'll admit they were delish (and I have two still staring me down)
A final note about what it's like living here in Portsmouth: I think I've mentioned it before, but there are times when it really feels like someone's pressed the easy button for us. This party was at our local pool where the kids have taken free lessons 2x/week this summer. It's a HUGE, clean pool with a super shallow gradient that's comfortable for Grayson AND they allow non-residents (for a small fee). Like Grayson's 1st birthday party, they allowed us to set up a tally sheet at the front gate and settle up at the end of the party. I went into it expecting a hassle, but thankfully it was so simple!

Do you remember your 5th birthday? I do and I have strong memories of being 5 years old in general. Next up, Kindergarten two weeks from tomorrow (hooray for a couple more weeks of vacation Lord, help me)!


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