Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Celebrating Milestones with Madame Alexander's BabbleBaby and Life of the Party Doll

Disclosure: I'm part of the Madame Alexander Mommy Advisor team and was provided samples for review purposes; all opinions expressed are my own. 

We're entering Nia's 3rd year of school and if there's one thing that's remained the same it's her love for dolls. Today we were at her Kindergarten orientation and before we left we reminisced over some of her preschool memories and they centered around playing with her old buddies in the housekeeping area including a few disputes over the beloved dolls. When we arrived in her classroom the first place she went was to the housekeeping area where the dolls were nestled in high cheers. She smiled so big and said, "We had this area at my old school!"

I think she'll settle in just fine when she starts Kindergarten next week.

Madame Alexander's Newborn Nursery BabbleBaby has been a part of our household since this past winter (I shared on Instagram when it arrived) and while Grayson's much bigger now, it did give us a kick how life-like it was:

At 3.5 pounds and 19" long, BabbleBabies retail at $119.95 and are great for ages 3+ and come in a variety of shades, eye colors and hair colors. The best part? It even acts like a real baby with over 80 real baby sound combinations: Nia's doll chuckles, sighs, grunts, cries, growls, giggles and squeals. Here's a cute video of Nia with her BabbleBaby:

Of course Nia had her live baby brother, but it was still good practice for her to mirror me taking care of Grayson. She got to be a little mommy too! I was very impressed with the range of sounds BabbleBaby had and how responsive it is (and yes, I admit it made me jump a few times thinking it was Grayson babbling!)

This summer we received the Life of the Party Doll (MSRP $59.95) just in time for the plethora of birthday parties that were on our agenda all summer including our own. To say Nia was excited to receive her doll was an understatement:

All summer long Nia would announce it was her birthday and stage her own celebration with her Life of the Party Doll (MSRP $44.95). At 18" it's a sturdy, high quality doll and Nia enjoys dressing her up in her fancy outfit as well as wearing her own party dress to celebrate alongside her doll. As a special bonus the doll arrived with the It's a Party Doll Play Set just in time for Kindergarten since the alphabet banner helps us with spelling! The set also comes with little plates, cups and forks. I really appreciate how Madame Alexander pays attention to little details. 

Nia was able to set up her own banner and pre-sliced cake serving it to her guests in her little tent. Grayson really wanted to join the party too!

If you want to throw an impromptu party this set is a lot of fun and makes for plenty of opportunities for your little one to use her imagination. 

Thank you Madame Alexander for giving us hours of play!

To learn more about Madame Alexander please visit their website and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. 

How do your children play with dolls? Are they more into pretending to take care of their baby dolls like BabbleBaby or do they integrate them into peer play like the Life of the Party Doll? I really enjoy seeing how Nia plays with her dolls!