Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ohio Was Just . . .

I'm in recent nostalgia mode thinking of all the fun adventures we had this summer that I still want to recap here. I've shared before how I see this space as a digital scrapbook of sorts and sharing Grayson's first trip to Ohio, my home state, is definitely worth sharing. We traveled there last month and made the most out of our 4 day trip to Columbus. Seeing Nia cry on the last day when we had to leave made me realize we really need to aim for an annual trip going forward instead of the biennial trip we've been making (yes, this was my first time using the word biennial and I had to look it up!). Although it was a bit sad, when Nia cried when asking if we could move to Ohio it made me thankful that she's growing an attachment to her roots.  

Now for the pictures! 

We met up with my BFF Julie and her family once we got in and overindulged in pizza and wings
We arrived bright and early at the fair Friday morning


So. Much. Food. (a lot of it fried)

Of course we had to get an ear of grilled sweet corn for Grayson (remember Nia's first Ohio corn here?) and Uka got his usual turkey leg...

Then we did a few rides including the infamous giant yellow slide. Nia was a pro on her first ride but got a friction burn the 2nd time. Ouch! 

Puppies, kids and smiles:

The dairy barn was a must visit after the kids milked the cow out front. Of course we had a reverent moment with the butter cow then enjoyed a bit of ice cream.

Then this happened:

We shuttled the kids back to the hotel for some quiet time and thanks to my dear cousin Aminah, Mr. Lovebird and I returned that night kid-free for the Dru Hill/Blackstreet concert. It was fuuuuuunnnnn! We ended up doing a bit of Wikipedia research cause we had no idea that Teddy Riley was so young. What talent! And yes, Sisqo's still got it, Thong Song and all.

We saw my Grandma Mary at the fair before heading into the concert!

On Saturday I was up bright and early to pick up a special cake for Nia's 5th birthday. It was from Resch's, my favorite bakery growing up and it was so nostalgic being back there. My Aunt Thelma's house is nearby and as my Grandma Emma's only surviving sibling I took Grayson there to meet her for the first time. 

A few tentative steps with Uncle James on my Aunt Themla's lawn
Later that day along with cutting Nia's mini-cake, we also celebrated my Grandma Mary's August birthday. It was such a blessing to see everyone who came to support especially as my grandma's had a bit of a health scare lately. When her brother, my Uncle David showed up, I literally jumped! It was such a beautiful surprise for all of us (I hadn't seen him in years). 

Blurry but sweet

Uka's face!
Brother and sister
Love my mommy cousins!
Suits him, right?
If you only knew what it took to get this one photo! LOL!
Of course Uka and the guy cousins had to show off a bit . . .

We were in bed early so we could head to church the next day:

It was Grayson's first time at my childhood church he and Papi were looking dapper. Mr. Lovebird was on a super early morning flight, but the kids and I flew back after dinner feeling all the Ohio love! 

Until next time Ohio...

Have you taken your kids to your hometown before? Any special events like the Ohio State Fair where you're from?