Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Recovery 101

I love the big sister grip she has on him! He's a runner, and she knows it!
We didn't travel this year or host family so who'd think we'd need Easter recovery? Well we did and yesterday's rainy downpour was the perfect catch-up day! I shared before how Nia and I were participating in our church's Good Friday Easter service, and it ended up going really well (I even had a small acapella solo, and although I'm SO not a singer I didn't embarrass myself too bad LOL!). The theme was "United" and it was so beautiful seeing the cultures represented at our church:

We had Easter brunch like last year at our local diner which has a good buffet - we're kind of regulars there and Grayson runs around like he owns the place! It was such a blessing not to have to cook or clean this holiday. 

Speaking of cleaning, I feel like once Easter happens it's officially spring, and I'm doing a little spring cleaning this week. We schedule quarterly deep cleaning cleaning service and this week is the week, but of course I have to clean before the cleaners come. Do you do that too? I can't help myself!

It's also hard to believe this weekend is April and Nia and I are plotting counter April Fools' jokes while Uka awaits in fear. Why did Nia ask at bedtime last night if we can celebrate April Fools' Day a couple days early?! I'll never get over this one I did to him while pregnant with Grayson. I cried so hard laughing when I got him! I say KoKoa Magazine posted a few here, and I'm thinking the polish one will be good since I share an office with Uka so I could watch his reaction unfold.

A few other things I'm focusing on this spring:
  • Starting Music Together with Grayson - I've been hearing about this program for years and Grayson is incredibly musical (the kid wakes up singing the sweetest little tunes and dances constantly). I think he'll really enjoy this class! If you've tried with your kids please let me know what your experience has been
  • Our upcoming Smoky Mountains camping trip 
  • Uka's 35th birthday plans 
  • My health - I got amazing news to kick off Easter weekend, and now I only have one major health issue to focus on instead of 4 like before. Praise God! It's spurring me to stay consistent on my fitness though - I had missed 2 weeks of PiYo but got back on track yesterday (I'm SO sore!). I'm also maybe thinking about running...outdoors!
  • Continuing the momentum of fun giveaways I started from the past couple weeks (I have beauty/skin care, home goods and toys in the pipeline!)
 Hope you had a Happy Easter as well! I'll be back with a micro-fashion post...for Grayson (he turned 21 months old on Sunday!).