Friday, March 25, 2016

How My 5 Year Old Reacted to Her First Easter Basket (& a Winner!)

Happy Good Friday! I'm coming in late to share a little story and the winner of my Chuck E. Cheese's giveaway...

Nia watches our doorstep like a hawk waiting for packages and yesterday when we received an unexpected box in the mail I let it sit in my office until Nia got home from school. She eagerly watched as I opened it and was surprised to see it was an Easter basket. Thing is, I had never given Nia an Easter basket before, but she clearly knew what it was!

Her eyes widened and she asked, "Who sent you that?" thinking it was just for me. I replied, "I know a little girl who would like it!" and she squealed, "Me, me, me!" I pulled a postcard out the box from Madame Alexander (she knows we're part of their blogger advisory board), and she started connecting the dots that it was for her especially after realizing the candy was actually nestled around a doll - a Sleeping Beauty 7" Pocket-Size Play Doll

I explained to Nia that it was a special treat for Easter, and while I initially convinced her to wait until Sunday to open it, she held out for a bit (I was impressed!), but she broke down this morning begging to open it after school so I let her. She enjoyed her foil-wrapped, chocolate eggs and Dum-Dums that came in the basket and shared with her schoolmate who came over with her parents for an early dinner before our Good Friday service. 

Her only gripe? That she wished she had received a Princess & The Frog doll.* Remember, Nia is no nonsense so I had to check online, and while we initially thought The Frog Princess wasn't there it turned out she was. Now I have a mandate for which doll she wants next!  

As I shared in my last Easter post, I know I approach the secular side of Easter with trepidation and rightly so, I believe. While I probably won't ever make my own baskets for my children, I think the size and contents of Nia's 1st Easter basket were enough - I'm not trying to turn Easter into the gift-giving frenzy that Christmas can be!  

Speaking of gift-giving, here's the winner of my Chuck E. Cheese giveaway:

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Congrats Manda - I'll be in touch so you can receive your prize!

Have a Happy Easter and thank you to Madame Alexander for Nia's 1st Easter basket! What are you looking forward to this holiday weekend? (Nia's told me she's excited for ham!)

P.S. Speaking of The Princess & The Frog, did you see the gorgeous pictures of Jennifer Hudson as Princess Tiana? Stunning!