Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lovebirds in Dallas (SO Many Pictures!)

My favorite pic from our trip thanks to my sister Lauren!
As we're gearing up for our first camping trip with my side of the family in Tennessee this spring, it seems just like yesterday we were in Texas for Thanksmas, our compromise between traveling to Dallas for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Since my parents moved there last year, and it was our first visit down there, it was a very economic and efficient compromise - the cost was about half of what it would've been for either holiday, and we still got the holiday effect with all the decor and festivities. This really might be the way to go going forward! 

After the kids opened their gifts and topped the tree we ventured out for a bit. Of course we had to stop by AT&T Stadium:

My parents combined their traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas menus, and I think we all must've gained 10 lbs during the weekend. It was worth it!

Later we cleared the table and got a family game of Monopoly going and of course, I was the one who conked out and went to bed early, but not before capturing the moment (I heard Lawrence was the champion!): 

My parents attend T.D. Jakes' church, The Potter's House, and it was an epic experience being able to attend for the first time. My parents know him from his humble beginnings in Ohio, and it's such a blessing how they've now been able to come full circle as part of his congregation. Of course we had to snap a post-service ussie:

Grayson did well during service (we only had to walk out once!) while Nia was in the kids' church which she really enjoyed - the set-up was a mini-village and had very tight security, which I appreciated:

I love how no matter where we seem to end up we always reconnect with old friends. We had a gingerbread bear baking play date with my friend Nusrat, who also used to live in Jersey City - she blogs at Coffee and Sweats and her boys are the cutest.

We also got to meet up with my fellow destination wedding "Knottie" friend Mary who blogs at Cocktails in Cowtown - although we've known each other for years online, it was our first time meeting IRL!

Mary met me and my family at the Fort Worth Stockyards and showed us around. It was a perfect weather day to explore - Grayson especially liked ambling about on the viewing deck above the Longhorns (ooooh, but if you saw my 18 month Life with Grayson post yesterday you can imagine how nervous I was!).

Of course we couldn't have a trip without a little bit of drama...

We got it fixed and were soon on our way to our next adventure!

Blurry, but Nia's smile makes it my favorite ice skating pic!
The ice was so soft and choppy (not like here in New Hampshire outdoors of course!), but Nia just about lost her mind when she knew there was a rink so we had to go. 

One of my favorite eating experiences during our trip was at Souk, a Moroccan restaurant - the belly dancer behind my dad at one point and my mom's face reacting was...interesting (oh how I wish I could post the pic!)

There's so much to do in Dallas and it's definitely an interesting dynamic now having my parents so far south. While it makes getting to see them regularly a bit challenging it gives us someplace warm to visit for sure!

Already counting down to when we all reunite in Tennessee...

Do you live far from your family? How often do you get to see each other?