Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Prep for Summer Travel & Avoid the Oops

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart; all opinions expressed are my own.

If there's one thing you know about my family from following my blog it's that we like to go places. We were in Tennessee last month and NYC this month followed by Montreal this upcoming holiday weekend then my hometown of Columbus, Ohio in August. One of my top tips for successful travel is making sure to be prepared for returning home and that means making sure we're stocked on basic necessities like diapers, body wash and toothpaste. 

I was invited to try Walmart's Avoid the Oops program (www.avoidtheoops.com) to order a few items my family regularly uses, and because I'm always doing too many things at once, I nearly panicked before my order arrived thinking we were running out of toothpaste. I opened my box and realized I was ahead of myself!

Walmart's Avoid the Oops website is full of P&G products my family regularly uses, and it was very easy to locate and order our basics. Prices are reasonable, and the best part is it saved me time and hassle since I didn't have to load up the kids to run to the store and get what we needed. Grayson was most excited about the box which transformed into yet another craft project for him and his sister!

The #1 thing I'm most paranoid about running out of when we travel? Diapers. It's happened to me before when we made a return trip to NYC last year, and it resulted in us spending a ridiculous amount of money at a drug store to buy a small pack. I was kicking myself for not loading up our suitcase with diapers from our bulk box at home, and I've since learned my lesson: I pack double what I think I'll need on each trip - do you do the same?

To Avoid the Oops in your home just head over to the website www.avoidtheoops.com, and be sure to follow @Walmart on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

Have you ever had an oops moment? Is there an item you dread running out of? For me, toilet paper comes a close second after diapers!