Monday, June 27, 2016

Lovebirds' 7th Anniversary Weekend in NYC

Happy Monday! It's our busiest time of year between the ending of Nia's school year (she started camp today!), our wedding anniversary (yesterday!) and Grayson's 2nd birthday (today), and we did it up big this time around with a quick trip to NYC.

Saturday was gorgeous and that morning I had a couple Wellesley friends over with their kids at our local playground - I'll recap more in Grayson's birthday in a bit...

We packed up and made our way to NYC to celebrate my BFF's 40th birthday. He shares it with Grayson so there was no question that we'd celebrate both this weekend! We're paying the price for it today, but it's well worth it. 

It was a grand reunion of sorts since my sisters came as well as Uka's BFF and a few others who joined in on the fun. We snagged this pic before heading out to stop 2 for the night:

From there we went clubbing - yes, this 35 year old was dancing and partying it up with people who looked half my age thanks to Uka and his NYC connections! We had a table and everything. Good times!

Of course we had to do a quick stop at Cafeteria for their trio of mac & cheese. It's SO SO good and always a fun time people watching there! 

We stayed in Harlem for the night and made our way over to Amy Ruth's for brunch. Someone tweeted me that it's changed a bit over the years and Uka's BFF echoed that sentiment, but our waffle and catfish was on point. Uka even ordered the Kool-Aid of the day and approved. 

That afternoon we braved the Pride Parade subway crowds and headed in the opposite direction to Queens to get the kids from my father-in-laws. They were spoiled with toys and lots of juice over the weekend! I crashed for a solid 2 hours while Uka took a cat nap before driving back to NH. 

Can you believe we couldn't stay up to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones? I still rocked my Mother of Dragons tank in PiYo today (I was on the struggle bus all through class but at least I made it there!). 

It's been such an adventure with Uka and the past 17 years have seemed to fly by!

For now I'm trying to stay organized as we hear up for our next adventure: this upcoming holiday weekend in Montreal with the kids for the Jazz Festival (and I have an incredible squeaky wheel story to share about our hotel situation). We've never been as a family and it's going to be gorgeous while we're there. I can't wait!

A quick pic my sister snapped of us at Troy - thank you Ariane!
Happy 7th anniversary to my homeyloverfriend! (I'll be back with a special 2nd birthday recap/photoshoot for Grayson...)