Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Working Out With Michael Strahan & Meta Appetite Control

Disclosure: I was invited by Influence Central to attend a private fitness event as a guest of Meta; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Last week I was back in NYC as a special guest of Meta Appetite Control attending a private fitness event with Michael Strahan, his trainer Latreal "La" Mitchell and nutritionist Jessica Fishman Levinson. I was excited for a fitness challenge as I've been consistent with PiYo since last spring and as a fellow gap-toothed cutie, I've enjoyed watching Michael Strahan's post-football career take off. I was also intrigued by Meta's new product line - it's come a long way since being the fiber supplement of my parents' generation, and I was excited to see how they could help me control my cravings, of which I have many!  

It was a gorgeous morning at the Gramercy Park Terrace, one of my favorite venues in the city. Guests were greeted with a few healthy snacks (the cherry-almond bites were delish!), grabbed our yoga mats and chatted with fellow health and fitness bloggers while we waited for our workout to start. 

La came out first and talked to us about her fitness approach especially her focus on functional movements, something I desperately need help with as I'm starting to feel stiffer as I approach 40. It was great having such a small group and our 30 minute workout included moves we could do without having to go to the gym. My favorite move was using your own sneaker to pass each outstretched leg over it smoothly from side to side like a record player arm (ummmm did I just date myself? LOL!). 

{Image provided by Influence Cetnral}
Michael initially said he wasn't going to workout with us then he ended up jumping in (right in front of me - no pressure!), encouraging us with plenty of humor along the way - he really is as kind and approachable as he comes across on TV! The best part? When he handed us towels. That meant it was over and we could enjoy our Mixed Berry Yogurt Smoothies created by Jessica. They were so delicious with the Meta Appetite Control blended in perfectly (you can find the recipe here). Meta's key ingredient 100% natural psyllium fiber really did keep me feeling full until I could heat our healthy boxed lunch we were given when we left. When I got back home I even made smoothies for me and Uka with the Smoothie Enhancer, and he agreed that it definitely works!

Next, we headed over to hear Jessica moderate an informal chat with Michael and La about how to fit workouts into our crazy schedules, ideas for healthy snacks and how to crush cravings with Meta. I was relieved to learn that besides our gaps that we have in common, Michael also has the same sweet-tooth weaknesses as I do: peanut butter cups, peanut M&Ms and gummy bears!

To recap the day I made this quick video:

Besides the Smoothie Enhancer, Meta also has Quench in Orange (Michael's favorite flavor!) and Pink Lemonade. You can learn more about Meta Appetite Control here as well as where to find it in your local store.

Do you get cravings too? Mine tend not to be so bad in the summer...well, ice cream cravings can get outta control!