Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why I'm a Fan of Blogging Small

I spent Tuesday in NYC for a special fitness event, and it was a welcome break to have a bit of "me time." I decided to take the bus down instead of driving since it'd give me time to read, write and be with my thoughts. It was a good day and made me realize it's something I need to try to do more often. Thank you to Mr. Lovebird and our amazing babysitter (who our kids love!) for making it possible for me to go. 

The quote above has been popping up in my mind lately as it was one I wrote in my journal perhaps during adolescence. I don't remember the year exactly, but I remember writing just that quote in one particular day's journal entry. 

It's a quote that's resonated with me over various life stages/career pursuits and even more so now as I approach my 7th year of blogging especially as the blogosphere's changed tremendously. I've seen many bloggers touch on this evolution in the industry including several prominent bloggers who've quit in recent years or changed course. While I admit it's rattled me, it's made me stay resolved in where I stand in my corner of the internet. 

And it can be a lonely corner. 

I touched on it a bit before here but essentially, while I see my social media feeds and inbox full of solicitations for courses on "how to be a six-figure blogger" (since when did everyone become an expert???) I'm proud of the niche I've carved out and while sponsored posts do appear here ultimately, this blog serves as a digital scrapbook of sorts and a foundation that's helped me expand into other areas and opportunities. I'm not going to be writing about children's products and topics forever, and behind the scenes I've been working on my business planning for the longterm future of "Brand Quiana." 

While it's easy to get caught up in the popularity contest of the blogging world chasing after followers and page views, I've been blessed to enjoy a successful blogging career by blogging small: I have a loyal engaged following who have seen my family grow and understand the nuances of how my blog has changed over the years.

When it comes to analytics people are often shocked to learn how teeny my blog is although it's been around for 7 years. I'm OK with that because the opportunities I get and the space that I reside in serves its purpose for me and my family where I'm at right now. The sponsored posts and brands I work with evolve as my family life stage changes, and I promise my readers to always adhere to FTC guidelines including placing full disclosures at the top of my sponsored posts (the failure to do this is one thing that really irks me in the blogging community - it's equivalent to a bait and switch!).

For now, I'll continue to bloom where I'm planted and I thank you, my readers and followers, for accompanying me on my journey.

I'm different, and I'm OK with being lonely.