Monday, June 20, 2016

An Easy Father's Day Fix From Urban Armor Gear

Disclosure: I received samples from Urban Arbor Gear to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Mr. Lovebird often laments my bad luck with technology especially my penchant for running through devices. Case in point: I'm currently on my 4th Galaxy S6 Edge in just over a year. This Father's Day when Urban Armor Gear reached out to me to review their cases I decided it would be a good idea to upgrade Mr. Lovebird's case. I've been using Urban Armor Gear cases for my Galaxy phones for years and no other case has ever protected my phone so well. The phone issues I've had lately are due to a faulty USB port, but when it comes to protecting my phone's screen from drops Urban Armor Gear wins hands down. 

We got our his and her cases and put them to the test - my old one had actually been through so much that it was perfect timing for a new one. See how the sides had pulled away?:

Uka has a iPhone 6 required for work (he's still Team Android for his personal phone), and after using the Urban Armor Case the past two weeks along with the screen protector it came with, he's a fan! He especially likes that it's much lighter than previous cases he's had for his phone. I like that my phone's buttons are still easily accessible and that the case helps my slippery S6 Edge feel secure in my hand. Both of us agree that the cases for each of our phones also look good. 

iPhone 6 UAG Case in Black
Urban Armor Gear Cases are impact resistant, feather light and come in a variety of colors. Previously, I had an Ice case but was sent an Ash case this time around giving it a smokey appearance - Nia saw it and asked if I got a new phone (she's used to my drama, apparently O_o). I don't know how UAG does it, but my case actually keeps my S6 Edge's curved screen from shattering when dropped. I think it has something to do with the fact that their cases meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

UAG cases don't add bulk
You can check out Urban Armor Gear's website to find a case to fit your phone and your style. Priced around $35, they're a small investment compared to that hefty insurance deductible (mine is $175 a pop - OUCH!).

Thank you Urban Armor Gear for helping me and Mr. Lovebird keep our phones scratch-free.