Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love's in Need of Love

A day to celebrate love in this current climate is much needed! (And thank you Stevie for the blog post title inspiration.)

I'm loving my lil people's stage right about now: the 2 and 6 year old combo is a lot of stress fun and while they fight like cats and dogs sometimes, it's pretty adorable how they make up and I love seeing them play together!

Have you seen my Instagram Stories lately? Not quite sure if I *love* that feature, but for now I'm having fun with it. Here's one from earlier today when lil brother picked out something special for big sister:

What are you up to this Valentine's Day? We're just cooking at home and laying low. We leave for our 1st Disney cruise a week from tomorrow (eek!) so I'm focusing on that for now. And yes, I'm LOVING the thought of escaping this slushy snow and cold we've had the past week and praying we can make it out of here on our flights without hitting crazy weather.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!


P.S. Here's a blurry cute little throwback of Nia's first Valentine's Day: