Monday, April 3, 2017

This Week: Bingewatch With Us During Comcast's Watchathon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Comcast; all opinions expressed are my own. 

A lot has changed here in Boston since I lived here nearly 10 years ago. I remember many date nights in my studio with Mr. Lovebird watching my 19" TV - we were especially fond of the music video stations on Comcast and when they introduced DVR it was a game changer! Now back in Boston but with children, we've learned there's a lot more offerings from Comcast including this week's Watchathon

Haven't heard of it? 

Well starting today through April 9 it's when 58 networks open up their shows to Xfinity TV customers On Demand and across multiple devices and there's big news this year: Netflix is included!

While my kids are TV-free on school nights, Mr. Lovebird and I look forward to finally catching up on a few shows we've heard so much about: from The Crown, which my sister keeps telling me to watch, to House of Cards (how have we never watched this?) and The Get Down it's going to be hard to get anything done with all these shows awaiting us!

Once Friday comes I know Nia and Grayson are going to want to take advantage too! With fantastic On Demand programming we like that the kids can easily pick and choose their shows using our X1 remote - it's actually kind of funny watching them press the microphone icon on the remote trying to tell the TV what they want to watch! Most often it's the Disney Channel - especially Elena of Avalor

While I've shared in the past how we had gone without cable, once we returned to New England two years ago and signed back up with Comcast the bundled super-fast Xfinity Internet and basic cable was the most economical choice for our family, and I appreciate how it gives us even more control than before to find programming we like. 

Curious how X1 works? Check out this demo.

Now I'm off to pace myself between my usual The Walking Dead and now Netflix, HGTV and Syfy (at least before the kids get a hold of the remote this weekend!).

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