Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Portable 80s Palm Springs Dinner Party

As a proud 80s baby, any chance I can relive the awesomeness of that decade is welcome so when I knew my blog would be taking me to speak at Altitude Summit this week I was excited to shift my original at-home Destination Dinner party from my formal dining room to the brightly colored conference venue of the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. 

It was the perfect back-drop for my Wayfair 80s-inspired dinner party tablescape!

I first met Wayfair at Altitude Summit in 2014 and how fitting to be setting up my 80s dinner party there on my hotel balcony overlooking the conference. Wayfair was a conference sponsor yet again, and it was exciting to connect with them in-person. That's one of the reasons why I keep going back to conferences: those IRL connections are key!

Wayfair had everything I needed to set up my party...

Do you remember hotel parties? That's what I had in mine for my 80s party at the Saguaro Hotel. The Freezer Beer Glasses are actually plastic made especially for chilling - I'd love to serve up root beer floats in them and have easy-to-eat finger foods from my childhood. Totino's Pizza Rolls, perhaps?

Even the Ring Paper Dinner Plates are like works of art and the 80's Backdrop Wall Decor brings to mind the video games of my childhood. Pac-man was my favorite, but then Duck Hunt came out and I. Was. Obsessed. 

I love the texture that the Lyndalia Fringed Burlap Runner brought to my tablescape and how it tied into the festive Paper Lantern Set I hung up above. All of these things were super easy to pack into my carry-on and fold back up so I can recreate my party at home for my daughter Nia. She loves looking at throwback pictures of me when I was her age and can appreciate how over the top I was. (Remember when I shared this one?)

Here's what I'd serve at my 80s Destination Dinner Party:

- Root Beer Floats

-Totino's Pizza Rolls
-Cool Ranch Doritos

-Hungry Man Frozen Dinners (Salisbury steak, anyone?!)
-Stouffer's Mac & Cheese

Dessert Candy Bar
-Pop Rocks
-Candy Necklaces
-Ring Pops

Wayfair has everything you need to create a fun dinner party tablescape from quirky tableware and barware to colorful accents to make it feel extra festive. And yes, you can even pack it allinto your carry-on and take it with you on the road! 

What decade would you revisit for your dinner party? What would be on your menu?