Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Spring Break Sweet & Sour Mocktail

Exactly two weeks from today Mr. Lovebird and I are surprising the kids with an epic spring break cruise so when Wayfair invited me to create a drink that's beach worthy I thought it would be fun to make a kid-friendly mocktail. I was inspired by my favorite fancy drink growing up as a kid: a Shirley Temple and because my kids are quite the Sour Patch kids I thought it would be fun to incorporate sour gummy bears. 

Here's how simple it is to make...

  • 2 cups chilled black cherry seltzer
  • 2 tablespoons of grenadine (or more to taste)
  • 6 red sour gummy bears
  • red sugar for glass rims

Rim two cocktail glasses. In a separate measuring cup pour the seltzer then stir in the grenadine to taste. Evenly distribute into the glasses dropping in 3 sour gummy bears into each glass. Enjoy!

My kids thought they were so fancy with their mocktails - my daughter even told me I need to have my own shop! I really got a kick out of their squeals of excitement when I rimmed the glasses in red sugar. Little do they know what awaits them in two short weeks...

What's your favorite beach-inspired drink? Will you also be on a beach for spring break?