Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What Happens on Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

Uka and I met in September 1999 - we were 18 years old, and I just a few weeks shy of my 19th birthday. It really does feel like it was yesterday. 

I'm a planner by nature so in my mind since our 8th anniversary I feel like I've already skipped over our 9th and have been looking ahead to our 10th anniversary which literally feels like TOMORROW. ::insert panic attack::

This year our anniversary was a bit different as our college friend, Uka's BC roommate and fellow athlete, was getting married in Martha's Vineyard this past Friday. When I put the date on the calendar a few months ago I rejoiced thinking we could add an extra day and turn it into an extended anniversary trip since we hadn't been to Martha's Vineyard since when we were dating over 10 years ago. Again, feels like yesterday!

Oak Bluffs Inn - where we stayed the first time we went to the Vineyard over 10 years ago! We have no pictures from that trip. 
So after 19 years together (well off and on cause we broke up a few times while dating!), our anniversary feels like it's the best combination of family and friends. Most days are a whirlwind, and I often forget the amazing things we've done together and opportunities we've had over almost two decades. While we only had one night on the Vineyard (shout out to another friend who gave us an EPIC hook-up), it was made extra special the following day when we headed to NYC to be with Uka's side of the family for our niece's birthday.

The best part?

My sisters came out to Queens to see us with my sister attending the party AND the kids got to see one of their two last living great-grandparents - my husband's grandmother (they'll see my their other great-grandmother in August when we go to Ohio). Now that is special and makes for the best anniversary. 

When we got back yesterday Mr. Lovebird was trying to finagle a way for us to celebrate appropriately since we have Toastmasters tonight and each night this week is jammed packed before I head out solo to Ohio early on Friday for my sister's bridal shower (I. CAN'T. WAIT.). I told him not to worry about it. 

I'd rather delay than rush to celebrate. 

Name that meme! 
The next few weeks are all about family! I get back Sunday and get ready for Grayson's belated 4th birthday party (how is my Baby Boo 4 already?!) then the following weekend we're off to Maryland to celebrate my nephew's high school graduation. The cool part is he's heading to SC on a football scholarship and with my parents there in Charleston we're excited for more get togethers across both sides of the family in the years to come PLUS the addition of my future brother-in-law's family!

Of course I'm overwhelmed and spread thin (as many of those reading this are), but I'm happy to have so much love surrounding me and a LOT of family milestones to celebrate this summer. 

Happy 9th anniversary to my homeyloverfriend!

(I can't wait to head back to Puerto Rico next year for our 10th anniversary which will be Type A properly planned.) 


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